Dracula – A forgotten journey in Manoj Comics

Pushpendra Kumar

Pushpendra has a keen inclination towards cinema, comic books and pop culture. Besides his day job of advising people, he keeps himself engaged with writing, travelling, sports and cooking fiction [sic]. Particularly partial to Indian pop culture, he likes to discuss Hindi comic books, old Bollywood cinema and music.

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  • Vikas Singh

    Great piece . Brings back childhood memories. Thanks for the in depth research and excellent read.

  • testname

    how I remember all the comics.. be it Raj, manoj, Tulsi, Diamond…I also remember Manu from Surya comics. You are a die hard fan if you remember him .. and hawaldar bahadur’s comics were the funniest..

  • Manoj Kale

    Fascinating article brought back all childhood memories, I had read 95% of all Raj and Diamond comics and memories of those all comics are still fresh, Last comic I bought and read was in year around 2000.. time has flybys very fast now we have all types of entertainment in our fingertips but I still missing those golden comics Era, those fresh paper fragrance, beautiful drawing, handwriting even more