Introducing : Doga!

Vaibhav Srivastav

During the day Vaibhav Srivastav sells Time to a city that doesn't have any. On full moon nights and mostly half past ten, he turns into a writer. He likes doubling his happiness and drowning his sorrows in a pond of comic books and novels. When neither writing or reading he dedicates his life to Fantastic Pop Cultural References and where to find them. He has recently inflicted his collection of short stories 'Borrowed From Tomorrow' upon an unsuspecting world.

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  • Praveen Agrawal

    Should have included villains too. Specially his arch enemy kaal pahelia. Inspired by riddler, but was pretty badass and recurring villain in doga series.

    • Sainesh Mamgain

      he used to call him doge 😀

      • Swapnil N.

        Oye* Doge ! 🙂

    • Swapnil N.

      The only villain that always escapes Doga’s bullets. Not that Doga hasnt tried killing him, but he is afterall, ‘Kaalu’ !

      • Vaibhav Srivastav

        Swapnil bhai Kal Pahelia ke oopar alag article aayega

  • Shubh Shashwat Pratap Singh

    doga and dhruva are my fav. heroes.thank you for writing about them

  • testname

    Doga has got shades of Batman, the masked vigilante crime fighter showing no respect to law and order while fighting crime in his own way.. Anurag Kashyap is going to make a movie on Doga which will be his version of the Dark Knight in Indian context

  • testname

    awesome series like your articles please continue also include nagraaj, parmanu inspector steel anthony kobi bhediya bhokal gojo gamraj bankelal etc