Introducing : Nagraj!

Vaibhav Srivastav

During the day Vaibhav Srivastav sells Time to a city that doesn't have any. On full moon nights and mostly half past ten, he turns into a writer. He likes doubling his happiness and drowning his sorrows in a pond of comic books and novels. When neither writing or reading he dedicates his life to Fantastic Pop Cultural References and where to find them. He has recently inflicted his collection of short stories 'Borrowed From Tomorrow' upon an unsuspecting world.

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  • Brilliant stuff

  • Sainesh Mamgain

    Brought back so many memories. Thanks.

  • Deb

    I think I still own Tanashah. Baby-clone Hitler with mind powers makes a mech suit out build out of hostages.
    I like telling people about it.

    The prequel to kaliyug is also pretty dope

  • rahul yadav

    Dil chho liya yaar tune taanashah and kaliyug ke cover upload karke……..i had sketched them both before at that time 1998 (taanashah) and 1999 (kaliyug) on chart papers ……….in my childhood…..golden days!!!

  • testname

    Nice article though not as detailed and fine grained as doga and dhruv’s introductions.. and Kaldoot is not arguably the most powerful character.. he himself acknowledged defeat when he was made unconscious by samri in the multi starer comics parkale.. right?? Also the first two starer comics was perhaps Rajnagar ki Tabahi…